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REGISTRATIONS CLOSE:      09:45 a.m. (It would be advisable getting there no later than 09:30am to join the queue for registration)


                                         U/9       1.5 km

                                         U/12     2.5 km

                                         U/15     2.5 km & 5 km

                                         Senior 2.5 km, 5 km & 10 km

                                         Walkers 2.5 km & 5 km

Age is determined on the 1st May 2023. Runners can complete their preferred distance at each event but can only accumulate points in the specified age group events.

1. Runners can only enter one event at each meeting. 
2. Runners must enter 5 meetings of the same distance during the season to be eligible for Club Championships and Handicap Series.
3. Runners are eligible to run in 1 event only at Club Championships.


Bunbury Cross Country Running Club depends on the members to make it run. Help with timing and collection of flags is much appreciated.

Please leave the course as you found it. Leave only footprints behind.

  • Event 1   DBC Crooked Brook Forest, Crooked Brook Road, Dardanup 30th April. Mass start


  • Event 2  Koombana Physio Mothers Day Shearwater Run, End of Ocean Drive, Glen Padden May 7th.

  • Event 3  MKM Consulting Engineering Hillside Run, Armstrong Road / Joshua Brook Road,Boyanup  May 14th

  • Event 4 Dalyellup Dentist, Preston River Ramble,  Bridge Street, Boyanup May 21st

  • Event 5 William Barrett & Sons Run, The Maidens, Ocean Drive, Glen Padden  May 28th

  • Event 6  Loosends Gravel Pit Run, Lennard Road, via Henty Road, Burekup  June 4th

  • Event 7  West Coast Fit run, Donnybrook Run  June 11th

  • Event 8  The Print Shop Run – College Grove, Keble Heights Road, College Grove  June 18th

  • Event 9 Catalanos Hollow Run, Coalfields, Roelands June 25th

  • (Dogs not permitted)

  • Event 10 DBC Run, Pile Road  (Opposite Wild Bull- Lunch afterwards) July 2nd 

  • (DOGS NOT PERMITTED) (Lunch After)

  • Event 11 La Pause Miam Run, Mosedale Ave, Shearwater July 9th​

  • Event 12  Loosends,  Gervasse Roelands Run, Roelands Coalfields Hwy, 14km from SW  Highway July 16th

  • (Dogs not permitted)

  • Event 13 Physical Rehab with Fitness Run,  Pratt Road, Eaton, Eaton Foreshore East End July 23rd  

  • Event 14 MKM Consulting Tuart Run, End of Ocean Drive, Glen Padden, July 30th

  • Event 15 The Cross Family, Crooked Brook Road, Dardanup August 6th

  •  Event 16  Eaton Pet Vet Twin Rivers Run, (Last For Handicaps ) Eastwell Road, Australind August 13th

  • Event 17 ,August 20th Eaton Trophies Run, Lucy Victoria Avenue, Clifton Park.

  • Event 18 "The DBC Club Championships, Bernard Depiazzi Memorial Run  Shenton Ridge, Coalfields Highway  (Mass start, normal way round) August 27th

  • Event 19  Melo Velo Father`s day Run,  Mosedale Avenue, Shearwater   September 3rd

  • Event  20 Dalyellup Dentist Run, Twin Rivers Run, Eastwell Road, Australind September 10th

  • Event 21 PRESENTATION & AGM –Wildlife Park, Prince Phillip Drive (Mass start) Park run course untimed Maximum distance 5km September 17th

Bunbury Cross Country          Running Club

                                  Family Fun!  


                   Together we will get there! 

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