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                                                             2022 PROGRAM




 Please leave the course as you found it.     Leave only footprints behind.



  • Event 1 DBC Crooked Brook Forest, Crooked Brook Road, Dardanup May 1st. Mass start (DOGS NOT PERMITTED)​

      The run is at Crooked Brook Forest. Head for Dardanup but keep going past for about 1km then turn left at           Crooked Brook Road. This will be marked with bunting and a sign. Continue for about 3km and take a 90 degree left turn, again bunting and sign. Continue approx. another 4km and the turning will be on the right. 


  • Event 2  Koombana Physio Mothers Day Shearwater Run, End of Ocean Drive, Glen Padden May 8th ​

     Get on Ocean Drive and head south as far as you can go. Straight over Washington Ave. roundabout  and onto the right angle turn onto Mosedale Ave. On that corner is where the run starts. 

  • Event 3  MKM Consulting Engineering Hillside Run, Armstrong Road / Joshua Brook Road,Boyanup  May 15th 

Go to Boyanup and turn just over the railway line into Bridge St. Go over the bridge and turn right into Hurst Rd. Turn second left into Armstrong St. and keep going. The road turns into Joshua Creek Rd and becomes a gravel Rd. After approx. 8km you'll see our bunting pointing you through the cattle gate on the right.  Please park on the grass in a tidy way to allow all the other cars to get in.​​

  • Event 4 Dalyellup Dentist. Preston River Ramble,  Bridge Street, Boyanup May 22nd.​​

​       Head to Boyanup and turn left again into Bridge Street. On the left is Fettlers Park and a large carparking area that leads down to the river. We start and finish under the bridge.

  • Event 5 William Barrett & Sons Run, The Maidens, Ocean Drive, Glen Padden  May 29th

  • Event 6  Loosends Gravel Pit Run, Lennard Road, via Henty Road, Burekup  June 5thThis Sunday's run is at the Gravel Pit, Burekup. Travel along the Southwest Highway heading to Burekup. As you approach the sign you will see Henty Road on the right with our bunting attached. Travel down Henty for approximately 6km and you'll see Lennard Rd on the left with our bunting again attached. It's 3.6km up the hill to the start line. There should be plenty of parking space but no toilets, just plenty of trees. It's a difficult run with not a lot of flat ground. Mostly gravel or hard dirt with tracks through the trees. The run is sponsored by Loosends hairdresser Tania Churcher who is an accomplished runner herself apart from being a wizard in the salon. Don't forget your morning tea and chairs - look forward to seeing you all there.​​

  • Event 7  West Coast Fit run, Donnybrook Run  June 12th This was our new course last year instigated by Karis Aplin - who is also the sponsor. She runs a keep fit and personal training service, so please introduce yourself to her. Karis will be helping Peter Hanly, along with Ted, to set the course up Sunday. To get there, go straight to Donnybook, and advance to near the end of the main street and you will see Apex Park on the left. Our bunting will be there and you will see plenty of activity. The course is relatively flat, mainly grass and a bit of gravel. It is a beautiful setting, with toilets and a large undercover area in which we can have our coffee in case it rains, which I think it will. They also have fruit and veggie markets across the road which some of you might like to visit. Hope to see loads of you there.

  • Event 8  The Print Shop Run – College Grove, Keble Heights Road, College Grove  June 19th This Sunday we have the College Grove run sponsored by the Print Shop. Please support our sponsors whenever possible. Go along the Bussell Hwy, past the hospital entrance and the next turning on the left is the entrance to College Grove. Go up the hill and turn left at the roundabout onto Winthrop Ave. Turn left again at the next roundabout onto Keble Hts. Go through the gates at the end and you have arrived. Please park neatly to make room for others. The course is great, among the trees, you wouldn't know you're next to a housing estate. The course is all dirt, gravel and trails and can be described as hard. Let's keep our fingers crossed for good weather, although I doubt it, judging from the latest forecast. See you there come rain or shine!

  • Event 9  The Cross Family Run – Stone Ridge,  Crooked Brook Road, Dardanup June 26th (Dogs not permitted)This Sunday is the Cross Family Run on Crooked Brook Road. Go to Dardanup and keep going for about 1km and Crooked Brook road is on the left. You follow the same directions as the first run of the season but don't go quite so far. The name of their property is Stone Ridge. Please take great care with parking to make it easier for others. They have a massive property, with some horses, so no dogs this week please. There are no toilets; you can't expect over a hundred runners traipsing in their house but it's not a problem. This is a nice run with only mid difficulty. It looks as though the weather is going to be nice and sunny so bring along some chairs, a cuppa and snack and enjoy morning tea amongst like-minded friends.

  • ​Event 10 DBC Run, Pile Road  (Opposite Wild Bull- Lunch afterwards) July 3rd.  (DOGS NOT PERMITTED)  This Sunday we run at Pile Road, sponsored by Dardanup Butchering Company. They have been good to us for as long as I can remember, so please support them whenever it's possible. To get there, head to Dardanup and turn into Ferguson Road, that's the road that leads to Gnomesville. Go approximately 7km and turn left at Pile Road. Travel up the hills, torture for cyclists, and go past the Henty Rd turnoff and you'll see the Wild Bull Brewery on the right. Our turnoff is around 100m past, on the left. Please be careful with your parking. It's a reasonably difficult course along dirt tracks through the trees. It's the only course that's 2.5kms out and the same back. Obviously the 10kms is just two laps. After the run, we will celebrate Lyle's 82nd birthday at the Wild Bull Brewery. We usually get around 30 people coming for a beautiful social gathering with a meal and, possibly, a beer. If you could signal on this page if you would like to come, it will give us an idea of numbers. Looking forward to seeing you all.

  • Event 11 La Pause Miam Run, Mosedale Ave, Shearwater, July 10th.​ This Sunday, the run is at Mosedale Ave. Shearwater. Go south as far as you can go along Ocean Drive and you'll end up at the Tuart Walk. Turn left up the hill, that's Mosedale, for about 500 metres. You are there. Although it's Shearwater again, you haven't done this course yet this year. It's a beautiful track through the trees and is only rated medium difficulty. It's sponsored by La Pause Miam , the cafe in the arcade in Princep Street, and was started by our President Erich Scherg and Charlotte. Please support them whenever possible. The weather will be 50/50 so keep your fingers crossed. Please park in a row on the grass, the ranger doesn't like people parking on the road.

  • Event 12 Picton Civil Pty. Ltd. Run,  Gervasse, Roelands Coalfields Hwy, July 17th                                                (DOGS NOT PERMITTED)     Head out towards Brunswick but go up the Coalfields Hwy, also known as the Collie Hill. It's approximately 14km from the bottom to the turnoff on the right. These turn offs will be marked by bunting. The run is quite challenging but nowhere as hard as the Maidens. It's beautiful through the trees and the kids will love running ankle deep in the huge puddle that always seems to be there. With all this rain it could be even deeper this year. It's advisable to wear your oldest shoes and socks. Many people regard this run as their favourite, a true cross-country course. Don't forget your bibs and coffee and keep your fingers crossed for another dry Sunday. A good idea might be to bring a spare pair of shoes to put on afterwards.

  • Event 13 Physical Rehab with Fitness Run,  Pratt Road, Eaton, Eaton Foreshore East End July 24thT he run tomorrow is at Pratt Road, Eaton. Go along the Old Coast Road and turn right on to Pratt Road, which is the last road before going over the bridge. Carry on up Pratt Road for approximately three to four kilometres and veer left on the bend where you will see a limestone track through a gate. You are there. There should be bunting. The run is sponsored by Physical Rehab with Fitness run by Tim Fitzpatrick. He is the tall fella who ran every week pushing his daughter in the three-wheel pusher doing five kilometres. So I guess he knows something about fitness. However, due to personal reasons, we have not seen too much of him this year. Please be careful with the parking as there is not a large amount of room. This is a very attractive course, great for picnics, weather permitting - even has a toilet. The course is not as hard as in recent weeks. Unfortunately, the limestone track, which is part of the run, has been tarmacked. Watson Park is a leash-free dog area but we have a good relationship with their club. They and the Shire have been informed of our run. There should not be a problem. Please bring a picnic and stay around and socialise., weather permitting of course. There is a rotunda to sit under for your coffee etc. Hope our numbers will be back up this week - see you all there.

  • Event 14 MKM Consulting Tuart Run, End of Ocean Drive, Glen Padden, July 31st   This Sunday's run is at the start of the Tuart Walk track. The easy way to tell you is to get on Ocean Drive and head south as far as you can go. Straight over Washington Ave. roundabout and onto the right angle turn onto Mosedale Ave. On that corner is where the run starts. The run is sponsored by MKM Consulting Engineering owned by one of our valued ex members and his family, Marty McParland. The course will be the first time this year even though we've been down that way a couple of times. It's difficulty is mainly the running on sand rather than on hills, however, with all this rain it should be quite firm. Bring your coffee and keep your fingers crossed that we get a window of sunshine

  • ​​

  • Event 15 Catalano`s Blackboy Hollow,  Coalfields Highway, Roelands August 7th ​This week is our Blackboy Hollow Run Sponsored by Catalano's and held on their property. We go up the Coalfields Hwy again but not as far as the others, only about 6 km. There will be bunting at the turnoff on the left side of the highway. It's not a road but a gateway and over a cattle grid. Turn right immediately and follow the track till you see the cars. There's a dilapidated shed that we start from and have coffee afterwards, hope it's still standing, it could be wet. The course is all grass and gravel and it's one of our harder tracks, at least, I think so. Last year, we found a fence across our track, so we had to improvise, which was not very successful. ​

  • Event 16  Eaton Pet Vet Twin Rivers Run, (Last For Handicaps ) Eastwell Road, Australind August 14th

  • Event 17 The DBC Club Championships, Bernard Depiazzi Memorial Run ,Shenton Ridge, Coalfields Highway  (Mass start, normal way round)  August 21st

  • Event 18 Eaton Trophies, Lucy Victoria Avenue, Clifton Park   August 28th  This Sunday's run is at Lucy Victoria Avenue, Clifton Park, sponsored by Eaton Trophies. Please support our sponsors if you can. Directions are as follows. Go along the Coastal Road, over the Eaton Bridge and turn first right up the side of the river. Go less than a kilometre and we will be on the grass on the right hand side. There will be signs and bunting. 

  • Event 19  Melo Velo Father`s day Run,  Mosedale Avenue, Shearwater   September 4th  This Sunday, Father's Day, the run is at Mosedale Ave. Shearwater. Go south as far as you can go along Ocean Drive and you'll end up at the Tuart Walk. Turn left up the hill, that's Mosedale, for about 500 metres. You are there.


  • Event  20 Dalyellup Dentist Run, Twin Rivers Run, Eastwell Road, Australind September 11th​

  • ​​

  • Event 21 PRESENTATION & AGM –Wildlife Park, Prince Phillip Drive (Mass start) Park run course untimed Maximum distance 5km September 18th

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